Artur Ruschak

Junior web developer

About me

My name's Artur. I'm 16 years old. I'm from Ivano-Frankivsk. I'm study in school №12, in school we're studying Java. I was start my programming career in 14 y.o It was course about HTML,CSS and JavaScript. In November 2018 i was start going to ITStep academy and study C++, but after 4 month i left this course. In January 2019 i was start going to ItCluster academy to course "Java.Script + Angular", in the end this course i was singed up for course "Python" in ItCluster academy. Now i'm learn PHP, MySQL and Python, but i don't know how to choise right way to success.

My skills


  • PHP(6/10)
  • Java(5/10)
  • HTML(9/10)
  • CSS(9/10)
  • Sass(7/10)
  • Python(6/10)
  • Django(4/10)
  • Bootstrap(7/10)
  • Git(7/10)
  • MySQL(6/10)
  • Trello(7/10)
  • Angular(4/10)
  • jQuery(7/10)
  • WordPress(5/10)
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